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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Has Little to No Impact On Boxerwood

During a quick inspection of the grounds and facilities at Boxerwood there appears to be no damage from the Storm of the Century, Sandy.  It is still snowing mixed with rain, but none of the snow is sticking to the ground or the leaves left on our trees.

Our thoughts are with those to the north of us who may have not fared as well.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tonight Is The Night

Tonight is the Zombie Ball to benefit Boxerwood.  Plenty of tickets are still available. You can order them on line (see below or to the right) or purchase them up at the door.

No Costume - No Worries

We will have costume items and professional Zombie Make Up artists on hand to help you out.  Of course costumes are optional to having fun.

Zombie Ball TicketsCome One Come All

Monday, October 22, 2012


The pizza delivery never made it to his car after leaving Salerno's with a Meat Lover's pizza. The only clue to his disappearance was this photo taken on his mobile phone, most probably by the delivery man himself. 

As the time approaches for Boxerwood's Zombie Ball this Saturday, it's getting dangerous to walk the streets of Lexington. Better buy your tickets online, now!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Zombies raided the Halloween aisle at Kroger early this evening, snatching bags of candy and costume accessories for Boxerwood’s Zombie Ball on October 27. Bad ghouls!

How about you? What are you dressing up as, and did you remember to buy your tickets? Just click here:

Colorful Sites At Boxerwood October 19

Boxerwood's more than 100 varieties of Japanese Maples are starting to put on their annual show of Fall Colors.  Here are some examples of what was seen in the garden today; October 19, 2012.

A group who stopped by to enjoy a beautiful day at Boxerwood

One of the secret hide-a-ways you can discover.

Click on the photos to see them in more splendor.

Boxerwood Reception for Volunteers and Staff

Thursday evening the rains held off providing a beautiful backdrop for a reception to celebrate Boxerwood's Volunteers, Staff, and the new entrance route to the garden and welcome Kiosk.

Thanks to the Boxerwood Board of Trustees President Paul Leonhard and his wife Nancy (also a volunteer at Boxerwood) for hosting.

New entrance route to the garden from the Kiosk

Volunteers and Staff gathering with the Welcome Kiosk in the background

Welcome Kiosk

New Storage Cabinet in the Welcome Kiosk

Even this new cabinet is educational.  Each piece of wood in the doors is a labelled different type of wood.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

As zombies like to say, "If you can't eat 'em, join 'em," which may be why this ravenous zombie was seen foraging near Southern Inn last night. 

What about you? Starved for some attention? Dress up and shamble on over to Boxerwood's Zombie Ball on October 27 -- and buy your tickets NOW!

Fall At Boxerwood

October is a perfect time to walk around the grounds at Boxerwood as every day seems to bring another surprise. Today, after doing a little cleaning up at the entrance to Boxer-wood, I discovered I was covered head (and I am talking hair, here) to toe with the stick-tights of Bidens frondosa, better known as Devils’s Beggarticks. I wouldn’t say that was a pleasant surprise - but there are plenty of pleasant surprises in the garden right now: the colors of the gorgeous Japanese Maples with leaves like tiny butterflies, the ever-changing colors of all the foliage (the yellows seems particularly pure this year—check out the Bottlebrush Buckeyes), the blooms of the Tea Camellia, a box turtle perfectly camouflaged in fallen leaves, a tiny snake curled like a twist of grapevine draped across the top of some Himalayan Sweetbox. The weather changes so quickly in the fall and in mid-October we go from summer to autumn almost overnight. We are definitely in fall mode right now here at Boxerwood. Come see for yourself..

Faith Vosburgh, Boxerwood Horticulturist 

For more information about Boxerwood, check out Faith's Monthly Garden Notes at:

Boxerwood Garden Notes

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zombie Sighting

MONDAY ZOMBIE ALERT! Patrons leaving the State theater on Nelson Street last night complained they were stalked by two male zombies observed lurking around after "Hotel Transylvania" let out. Have zombies already started to gather for Boxerwood's Zombie Ball on the 27th? Has anyone told them they have to buy tickets?

You do not need to lurk around in the dark. You can get your Zombie Tickets clicking here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Boxerwood October 15

Today we had third graders from Waddell Elementary School most of the day at Boxerwood learning about watersheds and habitats.

The colors of fall are slowly working their way down from the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains into the valley and to Boxerwood.

Looking across the Munger Lodge to the Blue Ridge Mountains

From Boxerwood you can see the color in the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Maple on the right is a bit more red than last week.  You can
see the difference if you look at this same tree in the October 9th post.

You can see each photo in more detail by clicking on it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scenes of Boxerwood October 11

The start of fall colors coming out

One of the more than 100 varieties of Japanese Maples at Boxerwood
What is going on at Boxerwood today? 
Second Graders Learning About How Animal Adapt Or Die

The View Across Boxerwood To the Blue Ridge Mountains

Camellia Sinensis   Tea Camellia

Osmanthus heterophyllus  Holly Tea Olive

Horticulturalist Faith Vosburgh Inventorying and Tagging Specimen Trees  At Boxerwood
Come join us!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boxerwood October 9

There is always something blooming or showing off its colors at Boxerwood.  Here are a few photos taken on October 9.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Entrance Kiosk Taking Shape at Boxerwood

Due to the hard work of some of our volunteers, we now can boast about new benches in our Entrance Kiosk.  The Kiosk structure which stood uncompleted for years is now ready to welcome visitors to Boxerwood, serve as an outdoor classroom, and a covered space for school groups to await their buses on rainy days.

This is just another example of the dedication of our community expressed through volunteerism.  Here at Boxerwood we depend on and reap the benefits of a terrific corps of hard working individuals.

Thank You to all our volunteers who you will not only find working on our facilities but maintaining our gardens and conducting education programs for our students from all sections of Rockbridge County.