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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reminder: Boxerwood Plant Sale This Saturday October 12

Stop by for Boxerwood's first annual Plant Sale, Saturday October 12 from 1pm to 4pm.  There is a variety of trees and shrubs, including Japanese Maples, Mahonia, Cornelian Cherry and others with most prices ranging from $3 to $25.  At 2pm

 that day, Faith Vosburgh, Boxerwood's horticulturist will be leading a walk through the garden highlighting Boxerwood's large collection of Japanese Maples. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bird Seed Sale To Benefit Boxerwood

 By late fall, birds migrating through Rockbridge and birds that spend the winter in our woods and mountains have a hard time finding food. Insects are no longer active, and nature’s own supply of seeds and berries is scarce. With winter on the way, birds are looking for another reliable source of food to give them the energy to stay warm. This is when they most need us to put out feeders and keep them filled. 

To help residents stock up on quality bird seed, the Rockbridge Bird Club is holding a seed sale. What’s more, the Club is donating the proceeds to Boxerwood to help us create more bird-friendly habitat. 

The sale begins October 9. Prepaid orders must be received by November 15 and will be available for pick-up at Boxerwood on Saturday and Sunday, December 7-8 from noon to 4 p.m. 

The seed sale will offer a variety of higher-quality products from BFG Supply in Harrisonburg, including black-oil sunflower seeds, thistle (nyjer), sunflower kernels, and gourmet mixes. Feeders that dispense various types of seed are also included in the sale. (Hint: A bird feeder and a sack of seed make a meaningful holiday gift!)

Check out the links below for Product and ordering information;

Bird Seed Sale Product Information

Bird Seed Order Form

Boxerwood Establishes Endowment Fund

The Board of Trustees at Boxerwood have been searching for ways to ensure the financial sustainability of our mission to educate and produce future stewards of the earth.  Today a major step in that direction took place with the establishment of an endowment through the Community Fund of Rockbridge, Bath and Allegheny.

A $5,000 anonymous challenge donation was matched by the membership allowing Boxerwood to get this account up and running.  "We at Boxerwood are once again honored and grateful to our supporters for stepping up and making this possible," said Managing Director Bruce Bytnar.

As this fund grows, the interest it produces will go toward keeping Boxerwood alive and growing.  This is the first step in plans to provide for the long term financial health of the Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Garden.

For more information on the Endowment Fund or to make a contribution, you can go to;

Community Fund of Rockbridge, Bath, and Allegheny

Plant A Bit Of Boxerwood In Your Garden

Have you admired (and coveted!) the beautiful Japanese Maple trees growing throughout Boxerwood Nature Center’s woodland garden? This weekend is your chance to view these trees at their peak of color and take home one of your very own at an affordable price – and at the same time help Boxerwood continue to maintain and grow its specimen collection.

This Saturday (October 12), the nature center will hold its first annual Tree Celebration and Plant Sale from 1-4 p.m.  Tour the garden with Boxerwood’s horticulturalist, Faith Vosburgh, to learn more about this varied and colorful species, then shop for one of the many cultivars that staff and volunteers have dug up and transplanted into containers for the sale.
In addition to 3’ high Japanese maples, the Boxerwood sale will offer other trees and shrubs, including Trident Maples, Mahonias, Katsuras, and hardy Figs.  Most prices range from $5 to $25. All proceeds go back into the garden.
Faith Vosburgh will lead a tree walk at 2 p.m. focusing on Boxerwood’s exceptional collection of Japanese Maples.  “At last count, there were over 120 cultivars of the species throughout the grounds,” reports the horticulturalist. “The small red dissected maples are probably the most common in cultivation, but there are a great many more varieties of all colors and sizes. The leaf coloration on many cultivars is the most brilliant in the fall, so this is the best time to come see them here at Boxerwood.”
The plant sale overlaps a bird seed sale sponsored by the Rockbridge Bird Club also to benefit Boxerwood. Bird Club members will have product information and order forms available at the plant sale.
Boxerwood is located at 963 Ross Road in Lexington. For more information, call 463-2697 or visit the nature center webpage:
Calendar item:  Saturday, October 12, 1-4pm, Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Garden, 963 Ross Rd., Lexington.  Plant Sale, 1-4pm.  Japanese Maple Walk, 2pm.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plant Sale At Boxerwood October 12

Plant Sale at Boxerwood, Saturday, October 12, 1-4pm. We have been busy potting up lots of Japanese Maple saplings and a variety of other plants for what we hope will be our annual plant sale. 

Don’t miss the Japanese Maple tree walk at 2pm that day. Dr. Munger was especially fond of Japanese Maples. In fact, there are over 120 different cultivars of Japanese Maples here at Boxerwood – and all are especially beautiful in the fall. We’ll walk and our Horticulturalist Faith Voxburgh will talk – about the different varieties of maples, their style, leaf shape and coloration. 

Some the plants waiting to go home with you from Boxerwood