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Friday, August 22, 2014

Boxerwood Board Approves New Professional Photography Policy

Boxerwood Professional Photography Policy

Approved by the Boxerwood Education Association Board of Trustees – August 21, 2014   

This policy is in response to an increase in use of Boxerwood by professional photographers.  At times this has intruded on other activities.  It is proposed that BEA adopt the following policy.

Photography at the Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Garden is encouraged as a form of art and enjoyment for our visitors and members.

Any photography that is done for a charge by the photographer and involves the use of models (individuals, families, etc.) or props will require one of the following:

            An annual professional photography permit at a cost of $100


            A Sustaining or higher level membership to Boxerwood

In addition; any photography sessions exceeding one client per day or groups of more that 4 people will need to be scheduled with a Boxerwood Staff Member.  The purpose of this scheduling is to ensure that no other activities will conflict or disrupt the photography session or Boxerwood events and education programs.

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