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Friday, August 22, 2014

A Busy Week At Boxerwood

There is a lot of buzz and work being done at Boxerwood this week.

Boxerwood has been home for the "Nature Builders Day Camp" hosting 31 children and camp staff led by Boxerwood Educators Jess Sullivan and Hannah West.  They have been all through the garden working on fun and educational projects.

Volunteers were hard at work Wednesday in the on going effort to remodel a new learning and meeting space in the Education Wing at the Munger Lodge.

Even the rains do not stop the continuous work being done to keep the garden in shape.

But that rain is helping many of the plants at Boxerwood do their work producing flowers, berries, and fruits that continue the chain of life in the woodland garden.

You never know what might be around the corner when walking through the woodland garden at Boxerwood.  Come make some of your own discoveries.

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